Giving individuals the skills, tools and knowledge to navigate life transitions


  • regional

we design our workshops for culturally diverse, fast-growing and remote regions of Victoria

  • youth driven

our youth facilitators come from diverse backgrounds and reflect our audiences

  • Stories & research

our content is informed by lived experience and backed by research

  • engaging

through vulnerability and “tapping-into-your-human” activities we create engaging learning spaces

  • Community

we understand that individuals are surrounded by communities, so we strive to involve everyone on the journey

  • mental health

our programs are designed to enhance mental health and overall well-being

Mehak is a wonderful and considered facilitator, who understands how to hold an engaging and open space for all… 

Tom Gardner
Facilitator | Coach

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Facilitators at U-Learn hold experiential, interactive spaces and support capacity-building on vocational and life skills, civic engagement and social issues. Book a coffee chat with us to find out about how we can work with you!

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