U-Learn is a collaborative and intercultural network of young facilitators that share skills, tools and knowledge using unconventional learning styles and environments.

developed to complement existing education and training systems, we rejuvenate information sharing & capacity building by creating engaging learning spaces and by preparing learners for life and work transitions.

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Before we existed..

…like many other people in the world, life transitions such as moving countries, suburbs and houses, career change, going from school to life/work or work to uni, or dependency to adulting were all part of Mehak’s journey! at each stage of the journey, information was minimal, non-reflective or inaccessible.

Evidence for our need...

…social and emotional intelligence is a key skill to have through and after these transitional periods. higher emotional intelligence has been associated with better health and overall well-being. 


Where we are now?

we recognise the importance of life skills and emotional intelligence to get through various life transitions. this research and lived experience of other people who have been through transitions inform our workshops. get in touch to find out how you can be involved.


the people that make things happen

Mehak Sheikh

founder & Lead facilitator

Mehak works primarily as a facilitator in a range of industries including the multicultural and youth sector, small business, local government and lifelong learning. Her work is influenced by her experience as a psychology student-researcher/graduate, migrant young person and through her passion for social change, intercultural engagement, education, health and women’s empowerment. Mehak has been recognised as a young leader, invited to Government House to meet the Governor of Victoria in the presence of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, has been nominated for the Victorian Young Achiever Awards in 2017 and 2018, and was one of the recipients of the Premier’s Volunteer Champion Award (Service category). 

Mufeez Al Haq

multimedia | graphics lead

Creative expression is something that strongly aligns with his very being. Music just happened to be one of his first and most valued choice of expression. Of course, industries never held him back, so he dived deep within several digital media platforms such as graphic design, video production and photography. His eventual goal is to hone his skills to the point of which he can confidently refer to himself as a multimedia specialist. Mofiz has great admiration for qualities such as loyalty, communication and honesty. He carries these values very closely to his heart with every project or client he comes across.

Umar Sheikh

project manager

Umar …

Trained and worked with the best

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